cost of running hpc nodes


Does anyone have any ballpark figures for the power bill for running hpc nodes ?


Nodes your looking at peak power draw of about 1KW/4 2 socket nodes. This assumes no GPU’s or large number of memory modules etc. This is peak actual measured, likely your actuals will be much lower and also account for how well utilized your nodes are. Also if you use 200W CPU’s your peak might be higher.

Also this is just the node. If your looking at TCO you need to include your data center power for cooling. Ask your facilities people for the PUE of the room:

Most standard data centers without air containment, or liquid cooling, your probably looking at a PUE of 2. So that would double the total power to run a node.

For actual cost also ask your facilities. Often data centers are costed at comercial rates as you own your own distribution which lowers the cost. Eg were $0.08/kw-hr while at my house were $0.14/kw-hr.

Talk with your vendor, their numbers are always very conservative, so they will report much higher power draw peak than you likely will see in practice even win HPC at 100% CPU load.