Show Me Some Power8 And GPU Examples!



I understand that Mio ( has IBM Power nodes as part of the cluster. How can I gain access to these, and how do I build and run on the Power nodes?


Mio ( has two IBM Power 8 GPU enhanced nodes. Each node has 20 Power cores and two Nvidia K80 GPU cards, each with two GPUs.

Building and running on these nodes is slightly different from building and running on the Intel Xeon x86 nodes.

  1. There are several version of MPI, one of which requires a special launch command;
  2. The vendor supplied math library is ESSP/PESSL not MKL;
  3. They have GPUs.

Below are examples showing the build and run procedures for these cases:

  1. Different versions of MPI
  2. PESSL
  3. FFTW3 examples
  4. GPU examples
  5. Machine Learning with both CPU and GPU examples

The document Threading on Power nodes discusses mapping of hybrid MPI/OpenMP programs to cores.