Welcome to Ask.CI, the Q & A site for research computing!

Welcome to Ask.CI, the Q & A platform for people who do research computing - researchers, facilitators, research software engineers, cyberinfrastructure engineers, system administrators and others.

Ask.CI provides a centralized, searchable, archived mechanism to aggregate expert knowledge that is widely distributed throughout the research computing community. A joint project of the Northeast Cyberteam and the Campus Champions, it was launched in July, 2018 at PEARC18. Please join us at our follow up BoF at PEARC19, which will be in Chicago July 28-August 1, 2019!

Below are a few things to know about the site:

Question of the Week: Each week, the moderators choose a question that has not been answered (or is of particular interest) and highlight it here. This week’s featured question concerns a specific neural network instance.

Voting is another key feature of this site as it helps to ensure that content is up to date and accurate. When you see a question or answer that seems particularly well written, relevant, important or otherwise exemplary for the research computing audience, vote for it! Topics in each category are listed in order of votes, and answers to a particular question are also shown in order of votes so the best questions and answers always rise to the top. All you need to do to participate in voting is log in.

Please join the community! We have a new users orientation on the first Friday of every month. Learn more…