This category is for questions that fit into a traditional Question/Answer format where there is a “best” answer. The Answer may evolve/change over time, so voting on answers by the community is highly encouraged to ensure that the current best answer rises to the top!

Discussion Zone

This is a category for topics which are of interest to the research computing community, but not likely to have a “best” answer. We will likely create subcategories here over time.

Stanford Research Computing

This Category is for topics specific to Stanford Research Computing.

Harvard FAS Research Computing

This category is for specific topics related to the Odyssey Cluster

Mines Research Computing

This category is for topics specific to Mines Research Computing.

Meta Discussion

Category for discussions about this site. What/who is site for, how does site work, how can site be enhanced/improved?

Moderators Forum

A ‘Meta Discussion Zone’ for moderator topics.