How do I install Python 2.7 on my Comet allocation and where can I store data long term?


A new XSEDE user asks: Is there a way to install Python 2.7 and specific Python packages to the Comet computing environment, and to analyze data using this software?

Also, what is the best place to store data long-term (when using Comet), and what is the best place to store data that is currently being analyzed?


I think the answer I just wrote up here would be helpful: Do you have bioinformatic specific script examples to share?

  • You would install python 2.7 for each application that is needed via containers, so you work reproducibly.
  • The storage for data might be oasis? Not sure, but seems like a data place :slight_smile: For “currently being analyzed” I don’t know the answer, but I’d look for something called $SCRATCH (temporary for user, purged every N months depending on the cluster) or $LOCAL_SCRATCH (temporary for intermediate files for a job).


Thank you for your help, especially to pointing out the bioinformatic examples. I’ll pass this info along to the researcher :smiley:
~ Cyd