About the ResearchSOC Cybersecurity category

The ResearchSOC Cybersecurity Community of Practice offers a chance to network with and learn from experts and fellow learners in the world of cybersecurity for research.

Here, you’ll find a community of security experts, infrastructure operators, PIs, and more who want to improve the cybersecurity protecting the science mission.

  • The group is operated by the Research Security Operations Center, a cybersecurity services organization funded by NSF, but you don’t need to be a ResearchSOC client to participate.

  • Ask us your technical cybersecurity questions, programmatic questions, or anything related to securing the science mission.

  • Please don’t use this site to share credentials, information on unpatched vulnerabilities, or similarly sensitive information. While our site is SSL-secured, membership is fairly open and some content may be emailed in the clear as part of a notification to particular users.

  • Please make an effort to stay on-topic and keep the snark to a minimum: we want everyone, even those who are extremely limited in the time they can devote, to get the most learning possible from this community. Help one another.