Add tags to existing posts?

Is there any way for a user (whatever role I’m in) to add tags to an existing post? For example, there are a ton of posts that go into detail about Singularity (and searching would find it) but don’t have the tags pers say. If I’m perusing the site and find something good and meaty about it, it might be nice if I can add the tag to help future searchers.

Hi Vanessa!

The default setting is that you need to reach trust level 3 to be able to add tags to an existing post. We need to look at adjusting the trust level settings as the defaults are a bit stringent at this stage in the site’s development, but rather than putting that in the way of progress, I’m changing your trust level to 3 since you are a vetted user and we appreciate the extra set of eyes! Thank you for taking the time to work on this!

Awesome! Thank you - this will be very useful so I can add tags to things as I go. :slight_smile:
I’ll need to read up on how to do this later today - on quick first pass I don’t see any links in the interface to add tags.

When you click on a topic, you should see a little pencil next to the topic title. Click on the pencil and you will be able to edit the title, tags and category :-).

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