Hello world examples for HPC training



What are some examples of the first program people use as an example in HPC training classes?

CURATOR: Aaron Culich


On the “Intro to the SCC cluster environment” we teach at BU we have 4 basic examples written in
C, python, R and matlab. During the tutorial we let attendees to chose one of them and use it as an example to submit jobs on our cluster.


If the scope of “HPC training” is further limited to traditional parallel programming with C/C++/Fortran (be it multithreaded or multi-node), then there are a number of typical examples:

  • Calculating pi with Monte Carlo
  • Numerical integration of 1-D function
  • Solving Laplace equation on a 2-D or 3-D grid


There is also


I haven’t given a training class, but I’ve done a lot of “intro” exercises on this platform called CodeStepByStep --> and I think it would be so useful to have a similar tool to as people questions (and test answers) for simple linux, slurm (job manager) and then version control commands. It’s pretty fun to do, easy in a browser, and I’d love to work on this with someone if there is interest!


We have a github repo with example jobs using different programs that users can copy or reference for different situations:

In our intro workshop, we just use a basic helloworld script: