How can I find information on each of Mines' HPC platforms?


Colorado School of Mines currently has three separate clusters:
Mio, BlueM and Wendian.
How can I find details on both system and compute node architectures for each?



Wendian is Mines’ newest supercomputer, scheduled to come online the spring of 2019. Wendian houses 78 28-core Intel Skylake x86 nodes, half with 192 gigabytes of memory and half with 384 gigabytes. Wendian also features five GPU (NVIDIA V100) nodes, two IBM Power8 nodes and two IBM Power9 nodes.

Mio is Mines’ condo-style cluster. A venture launched in 2006, the model has been very successful and Mio continues to expand. Because nodes are purchased and owned by individual research groups, the cluster architecture is heterogenous. The preponderance of nodes are Intel x86, with core count ranging from 12 to 28 per node. Mio also offers access to Power8 nodes and GPU nodes.

BlueM comprises two separate system architectures that share a 480 terabyte file system., or AuN (pronounced Golden) is an IBM iDataplex. Node architecture is of the Intel x86 Sandy Bridge generation. Each of the 144 nodes has 64 gigabytes of memory and 16 processors for a total of 2,304 core and 9.216 terabytes of memory., or Mc2 (pronounced Energy) is an IBM Blue Gene/Q with 512 nodes of 16 core each. It has 8.192 terabytes of memory and a peak computational rate of 104.9 teraflops. It is designed for applications and jobs that thrive on high core counts and multilevel parallelism.