How can I see the names of the nodes my multi-node MPI job is using on our SGE cluster?



I am running an MPI job using 8 nodes with 16 cores each. When I execute qstat -u username command it shows only the master node. How can I view all the nodes that are used for my job?

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qstat by default tries for easy reading - and limits output to one line per, but there are several way to customize the output. $ man qstat or
has number of options for outputs.

In this case the -g flag might do the trick, add -g t and it will give the info one line per process/processor and a bit more info.

For example if you want to keep a snapshot of this for later parsing:
$ qstat -g t -u username >> myQstatOutput

as explained by the man page

With -g t parallel jobs are displayed verbosely in a one line per parallel job task fashion. By default, parallel job tasks are displayed in a single line. Also with the -g t option, the function of each parallel task is displayed, rather than the jobs slot amount (see section OUTPUT FORMATS).

** EDIT: Additionally qhost -j will give you jobs by host set.
Both can be select jobs by user name with the -u flag.