How can my project meet regulatory requirements for monitoring?

I was just told that, because of some of the information we handle, my project is required to have network monitoring across our infrastructure. The requirement, unfortunately, isn’t any better defined than “24/7 network monitoring”. How can I try to meet this requirement without sapping the budget for actual science?

I’d get some clarification on what they want to be monitored. If it is traffic flows and your system is on a network that has network firewalls, the organization may already be monitoring traffic flows. Some institutions have event log monitoring (Splunk, graylog, etc) that can provide additional insight and you can have notifications on certain patterns.

I would check with the institution’s networking office and see what they are doing for monitoring.

From personal experience, a lot of cloud providers also provide easy ways to enable monitoring (or do it by default). If your institution doesn’t have resources, this could be another option.