How do I ask for help from Stanford Research Computing?


I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to on here, or it’s not appropriate for asking for help. What are my options?



If you need help specific to resource offered by Stanford, you have several options!

  • The obvious first answer is to ask a new question on this topic board! This is a good choice if you want to bring in the entire AskCI community to help with the (likely Stanford) specific question.
  • @StanfordCompute on Twitter is a way to publicly reach out. This would be a good choice to reach our staff, but also bring in discussion from the community.
  • For questions that have sensitive content or shouldn’t be public, you can send an email to It’s good practice to include tags like “sherlock” (the name of a cluster) in the title so the message can be directed to the right staff.
  • In person support, including office hours for 1-1 question and help, is available on the srcc support page. Check here for updated hours.

Cluster and Storage Documentation

A few of our biggest clusters have their own documentation bases!

We encourage you, if you have a question that is met in another venue and other users might be interested, to post a question and answer here! The next person will find it. For all other questions, ping us at


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