How do I connect to HPC resources at Mines?


All access to all HPC platforms at Mines is through ssh.



We have three High Performance Computing (HPC) systems on campus. Mio, Mc2 (Energy), and AuN (Golden). This document describes how to log on to these systems, once you have been granted an account. For information about how to get an account see the “How do you get an account” FAQ section at

After you have logged in please see the “How do I do a simple build and run” FAQ section to see how to build and run applications.

The only way to access the HPC platforms is by using ssh. Unix and Unix-like operating systems, (OSX, Linux, Unicos…) have ssh built in. If you are using a Windows-based machine then you must use a terminal package that supports ssh, such as puTTY (available from We have a description of how to connect using puTTY from a Windows-based machine at:

All of the HPC platforms are behind the campus firewall. The firewall blocks access from off campus. Thus you need to be on campus to get access, or you need to use VPN software discussed on the CCIT VPN page. There is a third method for gaining access discussed below under the section Setting up keys to make your life much easier (below). This method will allow you access for a fixed period of time without needing to reenter your password; transparently tunneling to AuN and Mc2. COMING SOON!