How do I get access to high performance computing resources?

I’m interesting in getting access to resources, and you can assume my institution doesn’t have anything local. I heard of something called XSEDE, and I’m wondering if this could offer me (or a general student, researcher) what I’m looking for?

This answer comes by way of the XSEDE mailing list, and the question was so perfectly answered that I wanted to share it here.

Did you know that XSEDE offers much more than access to supercomputers?

In addition to connecting researchers with computational resources, XSEDE provides a variety of trainings, chances to collaborate with computational science and cyberinfrastructure experts, tools for data analysis and visualization, opportunities for students, and much more.

In fact, since 2011, we’ve supported over $2 billion dollars worth of research awards from agencies like the National Science Foundation which have enabled competitive research across the nation.

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XSEDE, the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment, helps the nation’s most creative minds discover breakthroughs and solutions for some of the world’s greatest scientific challenges. Through free, customized access to the National Science Foundation’s advanced digital resources, expert consulting, training and mentorship opportunities, XSEDE enables you to Discover More.