How do I get involved in Software Carpentry?



I work for an HPC center and have been training local HPC users for the last 5 years. We have developed training to guide our users to scale their workflow on GPUs. I love teaching and would like to make this training available to researchers who are not aware of GPUs. I have heard about Software Carpentry and want to get involved in it to offer my expertise to a larger audience. How can I get involved in it?

CURATOR: Raminder Singh


I want to rephrase this question for you (and perhaps take it a little too far to be quora-esche" by asking you What do you enjoy learning. Arguably, you already have a pretty good answer - you’ve done training with GPUs, and if you’ve continued it you must be having fun! So the answer to your question is simple - first become a participant in Software Carpentry, and give yourself the broadest exposure possible to the different topics. You will find yourself in one of two situations:

  • you have vision for how your ideas fit into something that exists
  • it doesn’t really fit.

For the first case, you can then identify the teachers and points of contact to discuss how you can fold in. For the second, this is the more fun opportunity, because you can reach out to the organizers and propose a different idea. You don’t even necessarily need to follow some preset template of “a teaching session must have slides followed by hands on programming” - you could arguably teach in a way that best brings out your passion and has worked in the past.

Likely both of the above will lead to good conversation, development, and be more productive than signing your name on some sheet and trying to fit the teacher mold. If the students are to best learn the material, they will do so from the teachers that are most excited to teach it. The teachers that are most excited to teach it probably are having the most fun doing it. That’s how I would go about getting involved, and +1 points for making your material version controlled, possibly reproducible for others to teach, and thus having an even larger impact.


The software carpentry movement main web-site has a sub-page that can be used to self identify as an interested participant. This is a great way to get started.

The software carpentry web site also maintains a list of upcoming workshops globally Attending one of these workshops, or even volunteering to host one, can be a great way to get engaged.


As of this writing, the menu at the top of the Software Carpentry website at includes a drop down called “Get Involved” that does a great job of explaining how to get involved. Here’s a screenshot:

This question is a little non-specific.