How do I use DMTCP to create a checkpoint and restart my program?



I’m trying to run some code with Rscript, but the job is taking longer than the time allowed by the scheduler.
How can I use DMTCP to restart jobs that surpass the time limit?

Here is a very simplified version of my code:

my_function <- function(curr.seq, weights){
  # This function takes some time which I simulate here, using system sleep command
  Sys.sleep (100)
  return( rnorm(4) )

#simulate input parameters
N <- 10000
a.seq <- sapply(1:N, FUN=function(x){paste0(sample(c("A","C","G","T"), 2000, replace=T), collapse="")})
weights <- c( 0.15,0.1,0.6,0.15)

#initialize matrix to be filled with computed values in the loop
result <- matrix(NA, nrow=N, ncol=4)
for ( i in 1:N ) {
  # here I perform a number of intermediate calculations 
  # call function that takes relatively long time to finish
  result[i,] <- my_function(a.seq[i],  weights)
  # Since the number of sequences this loop needs to go through is very large, 
  # I would like to add a DMTCP checkpoint here. How do I do this?

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