Navigating the NSF/DOE data management grant requirements!


I’m applying for an NSF grant, which I haven’t done in some time. I’m aware that data management plans are now required by most funding agencies, and have found the relevant section of the PAPPG (PAPPG Chapter II.C.2.j) that outlines DMP policy and expected content. The program under which my work falls has additional requirements, stating in summary:

‘[The data] must be deposited in a national, public data repository that publishes its contents to a higher-level data aggregator that facilitates data discovery, which should be registered with an international body that promotes best practices in data archiving and curation.’ The description suggests as the international body, and also offers some specific repositories. It also gives as an aggregator.

While all of these inclusions are helpful, it’s not clear if any of them provide all mandated services and meet all mandated requirements. Does anyone have experience in a similar context? Does anyone know of a repository that meets all of the described demands?



I’ve found the requirements you mentioned in this solicitation:

The repositories specifically mentioned in this solicitation may or may not take your specific data, as each one (i.e., ICPSR & Arctic Data Center) only collects certain types of research data.

One repository that fits the requirements is Dataverse (hosted at Harvard - free to use by anyone - general public, all purpose repository). Dataverse gives all public datasets a DOI. The metadata for each dataset is sent to DataCite - “a high-level aggregator that facilitates discovery”.

It is registered with



This is really interesting and the first time I’ve seen this specific requirement. Could you share the program? An appropriate repository will be dependent on the specific field and type of data you’re collecting.

I’d argue that any repository that is listed in and mints DataCite DOIs (this sub-search[]=DOI ) or is a member of DataOne would qualify.



It’s a CNH2 grant: FOA 19528.
Thank you for your replies!