Poor interaction with MATLAB running on remote server



When I start MATLAB on a remote server the interaction is very poor. The menu opens very slow and there is delay during typing. How can I improve it?

CURATOR: torey


If you can generate the calculations and/or output that you need without the GUI, there are some options that will prevent that overhead from initiating:

$ matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -nodisplay <command>

will stop the GUI from loading;


will keep the Matlab logo from loading;


will prevent use of X11 (X11 may be required in which case, don’t use this option).


**ANSWER:**Depending on the cluster there are normally some ways to improve performance of GUI-based programs on a remote server.
This includes VNC, NX, X2go and a few others.
Ask system administrator which one is available on your cluster.

There are a number of webpages explaining remote desktop environment:
for example: http://training.nectar.org.au/package07/sections/remoteDesktop.html