Should the Moderators Forum be publicly visible


If I understand how I set this up correctly …

The Moderators Forum currently allows view/read/write for all moderators/admins/staff and has carry over permissions from the Staff Category.

Do we want to keep it like this, or should that be changed?
For example:

We can (and I think probably should) allow public read access.


@jpessin1 I also agree that we should have public read access to the moderators forum for full transparency in our community.

To quote some folks from a thread on

Moderation, as much as is possible, should be transparent and open to the public

And regarding private moderation:

This is still something to treat with caution. The danger of decisions being made in secret, of cliquish attitudes growing up, will always be present. It’s up to all of us to keep that from happening.

That being said, if there is something sensitive that we need to address we can do so as a team via one of our Zoom calls on a case-by-case basis, however most day-to-day moderation that is done here on the site itself should stay publicly visible unless we decide as a community there is a compelling reason.

We may wish to borrow from the StackExchange Moderator FAQ which has a list of Essential Reading.


… huh… no comment option in this area?

@aculich that sounds right to me. + 1 for the SE Moderator FAQ.


See also


@pfaffman Hi Jay thanks for helping us out,
+1 on the link as well