Simple parallel program to introduce Nuclear Engineering students to using HPC resources?



Does anybody have a simple parallel program for use in teaching Nuclear Engineering students who are just learning to get started with HPC resources?

CURATOR: Grace Wilson Caudill


@gwcunhcie It would help to know what kind of use case are you trying to build to, for example Using Arrays-jobs, Using MPI commands to run an existing program, writing their own MPI programs? And what (if any) background is you typical student starting with?


A lot of these “I need an intro or learning interface” make me think that … we need just that. :slight_smile: Akin to Canvas, or CodeStepByStep, it would be really useful to have an online collaborative platform (I did some searching and traditional ones are called LMS for Learning Management Service) to casually ask simple questions, validate answers, and make it fun and easy so users want to use it. I personally think a fullblown classroom / course application is overkill, I give CourseStepBytep as an example because it’s really easy to log in, choose your language of choice, and just complete little simple problems with no aim other than the satisfaction of green validation passing and then a record that you’ve done a lot. What do others thing? I think ideally it would be setup akin to discourse, or codestepbystep, and be very easy to contribute content or log in as a user to generate questions for.