Welcome to the Research Computing Stack Exchange Question Staging Area

Welcome! This site is currently being used as a staging area for the Research Computing Stack Exchange site. as we prepare for beta. We have three goals that we are trying to achieve prior to PEARC18 (July 22-24). They are:

  1. Prepare 150 well-formed Stack Exchange-esque Research Computing Questions that can be loaded into our site when we reach beta. (See Aaron Culich’s post “How do I ask a good SE-ready Research Computing question”)

  2. Build a community of people that will “Own” these questions, ensure they are in the stack exchange format, and load them when our site reaches Beta,

  3. Build a community of people (some might be the same as in point 2) with a 200+ reputation on any public Stack Exchange that will be willing to help launch our site.


Please help us in reaching any of the above goals! Contact if you have any questions, or
please join us on our weekly one hour zoom/call on Fridays at 11AM EST, 10CST, 9 MST, 8 PST, dubbed “Reputathon”, where we work on questions together to get everyone in sync with the process. zoom coordinates at the end of this post. Please visit the Northeast Cyberteam Portal for more information about this project!


We are collecting Research Computing questions from a wide variety of sources (and please feel free to contribute more), and then formatting them to meet StackExchange[TM] criteria for a well-formed question. There are two labels and three tags that we are using to identify questions that are on their way to being Stack Exchange Ready:

CURATOR: - the person that will load the following three pieces of information about the question into the stack exchange when it reaches beta

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (Optional) - Acknowledge the source of the question or answer if there was significant effort to create the content

Criteria for tags

zeta:ready-for-review - the question has met launch criteria

zeta:needs-answer - the question has all four of the above labels identified, and ideally also has at least one answer, although this is not required at this time

zeta:launch-ready - the question has been reviewed by another person and is ready for the launch of the discourse site

zeta:se-ready - the question has been reviewed by a Stack Exchange Expert (reputation 3000+), and looks good for stack exchange


To get started, pick any question labeled review-for-se that does not already have a name after “CURATOR” in the body of the question, and insert your name. Then read the post about “How to ask a good SE question” and go for it!! If you think that you re ready for review, add the tag “meta:almost-ready” and send a quick note to Julie at and I will put it on the list! Thanks for your interest and participation!!

Why are we doing this staging effort? - COMING SOON