What is an Ask.CI locale?

I’ve noticed that there are several entries at the same level as the Q&A category that include the names of certain universities and organizations. What is the purpose of these individual locales?

The Ask.CI website now offers branches, or special Q&A spaces, that each center on a specific institution or organization. These ‘locales’, as we have named them, serve as focal points for discussion and how-to questions pertaining to site-specific practices. For example, although a broad prescription for connecting to a supercomputer might be via ssh, supercomputers at various locations may not all initiate the ssh process in precisely the same manner. By navigating to the appropriate locale on Ask.CI, a user could either search for the information, or provide an answer to a similar query. The locales are all top-level categories on Ask.CI. To find out about creating an Ask.CI locale for your own users, please contact us!