What types of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) are available and what criteria do I use to decide which one to use?



Which notebook tools are most appropriate for writing down procedures, observations, conclusions and for drawing flowcharts?


The HMS data management group has evaluated some of the tools currently available and created a comparison matrix.



Wow @raminder this is fantastic! Did you capture which of those solutions are open source, and how they are impemented? For example, if I wanted to bootstrap one with a Python backend, how would I find this information?


I am aware eLabFTW ( is open source notebook developed using PHP/MySQL. On, If you click on the individual tools on the left, it shows all the features and classification but somehow there is no good search/summary available.


Have you thought about either rendering the Google Sheet (with Sheets API) into a static interface so it’s easier to browser, or creating a Github repository (with Github Pages) to render the information? It’s very hard to browse in the Google Sheet, and probably there is a lot of good information to share!