Why does Discourse ask us to approve posts?


I notice that some posts require approval on Discourse. Is this due to the status of a new user or some other reason/config setting?


I’m going to ask our consultant jay pfaffman to start watching the moderators forum and chime in.


A good way to do that is to @mention @pfaffman so that I get a notification. :wink:

A number of things can trigger moderation. I believe that there’s usually an indicator about what triggered it. The image shows only that some posts need approval, not the posts themselves, so I can’t quite tell.

If you look at https://ask.cyberinfrastructure.org/admin/logs/staff_action_logs you can see that a couple posts were because “New user typed too fast” and that @jma approved them.

There is a site setting min first post typing time that is currently at the default 3000 milliseconds. The notion is that if someone is able to post in 3 seconds, the likelihood that they are a bot is high. You can reduce that setting to a lower number (at the risk of not stopping actual spam).


Thanks @pfaffman! :slight_smile:

Given the length of the first posts I see, I’m guessing that either they go through a new keyboard every week… or they may have typed it elsewhere and copy/pasted it into the post?


Copy-paste is the usual guess. And this limit applies only to the very first post. It’s hard to imagine that a first-time user could manage to start a message, paste, and post in 3 seconds. It could be that the timer is somehow wrong.

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